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Welcome to the only dedicated Sheep Artificial Breeding Company in the North of England

And welcome to our new website. Feel free to have a look around!

Cervical AI Course 5th July - please contact us at for details


Cervical AI Kit available, please check in products available


VASECTOMISED RAMS FOR SALE , MV accredited, please contact us for availability








PMSG/Pregnecol 2018

We have a stock left over from last year which was imported under an STC:


It is available in 6000 iu and 20000 iu vials. It must be made up and used immediately so be careful how you order it.


Vets must apply for an STC for this product, therfore must be involved in supply.


There is a link to the Veterinary Medicines Directorate website below for veterinary surgeons.


Prices/Details will be available on application.


Many Vets have already contacted us and may do so again now the product is available.


Dan Fawcett BVM&S MRCVS

Charlie Fawcett BVM&S MRCVS



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2017 Brochure
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Semen Freezing

Protect your flocks genetic assets by freezing some semen. Much cheaper than insurance and semen can be stored indefinitely.

Selling semen can also provide you with another income stream.

Laparoscopic AI

We can carry out laparoscopic insemination on centre or on farm using fresh or frozen semen.

Cervical AI Training

We run a cervical ai course every year at the beginning of July. Give us a call to book your place.

Embryo Transfer

Ewes can be programmed to produce many embryos from one "flush" and they can be frozen or transferred to recipients. Special individuals can be flushed several times in a year.

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