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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the conception rate for LAP AI?

A. Usually 65%+ for frozen semen, 70%+ for fresh. Varies according to breed/time of year etc.


Q. How many embryos do you get from a flush?

A. The number of embryos or yield varies ALOT, anything from 0 to 40+ The average across most breeds is probably around 6 to 8 per flush.


Q. How many recipient ewes do I need per donor ewe?

A. We normally say 5. This gives you scope for up to 10 embryos as twins. Embryo yield varies ALOT and there is no point in programming too many. If you are going to programme more than 5 its worth mentioning that to the team especially at busy times of the year, as transferring 20 recipients takes alot longer than transferring 5!


Q. How many doses of semen in a pellet or straw?

A. Pellet normally two, straw normally one. Most semen is in 2 dose pellets.


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