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Goldies Supreme GJG11 00397, Index 363

Breed Champion Northumberland 2012

An outstanding carcase breeder

CT muscularity 8.89 Top 1%, Muscle depth 3.35

Semen Price and Details: Nesbitt 01833 660769 or Park: 07860 389773

Allanfauld Rockafella XMM10 014

18,000gns Lanark 2010

Also available is Clinterty USA, Mattadale Lionheart SWM05 016

Semen Price and Details: Nesbitt 01833 660769


Cambwell Rob Roy

Royal Kaiser

Curly Orlando

Kiltarrif Stig

Contact George on 07733136889


Tophill Joe HPH03 091

Record priced texel ram purchased for 122,00gns sons sold for 52,000gns, 34,000gns & 32,000gns including Scottish National Sale Champion 2004. Grandsons sold to 44,000gns top priced texel 2005. A tremendous breeding ram.

Jointly owned with R. Forsyth and W Knox

Claybury Kruger DHL04 068

1st prize recorded ram lamb Scottish National Sale 2004, purchased for 22,000gns sons sold to 10,000gns

Crewburn Lorenzo HBC05 004

Purchased for 22,000gns 3rd prize single at Scottish National Sale 2005 Offspring look tremendous. Limited semen for sale.

Also available:

Durisdeer Instructor

Timae Look At Me GCT 05 431, Garngour Nobleman, Millars Outsmart


Semen price on request

AC Lee & Co, Feurdies, Fraserburgh, Aberdeenshire, AB43 7UD

Tel: Sandy on 01346 541227




Thacka Texels reg PXT

Greenwood Invincible BMZ02 115, Cambwell Stewart,

Thacka Toms Choice, Haltcliffe Matthew

Haddo Vanguard, Thacka Rio Tinto, Westamoy Rhythm

Dutch texel semen available

Contact Giles and Gillian Pyman 01768 891587


Annan Goldsmith

Genotype ARR/ARH £30/dose

Sire: Annan Born Free
Dam: by Craighead Dynamite
Lanark Champion 2000, purchased for 10,000gns.
Breed and Interbreed Champion Westmorland County Show 2002.
Sire of 1st prize gimmer and top price gimmer Chelford 2002.
Sire of top priced shearling ran Chelford 2002.

Contact Mark Keighley on 01132 843462


Hullhouse Texels



Castleknowe Matchmaker

‘the lean mean muscle machine’ - Irish record holder, purchased jointly with Anglezarke for 30,000gns and breeding true to type in both flocks.

He sired the 1st prize ewe lamb at The Great Yorkshire Show 2007 (his only offspring shown). Matchmaker rams sold at the Scottish National Sale Lanark 2007 to 9,000 for Anglezarke Nimrod and 5,000gns for Hull House Nijinski.

This resulted in Matchmaker being awarded Best Stock Ram in the 2008 North West Texel Breeders Flock Competition. Matchmaker is within the top 5% of the Signet performance index and is the most widely used ram of his generation.

In 2009 he sired Cowal Powerhouse which sold for 8,000gns at the Scottish National Sale Lanark.


Springwell Jaguar

Sire of Champion Texel great Yorkshire Show 2006


Donaghdee Extra Gold CDF98 008,

Springhill Norris FTS07 014

Castlecairn Red Arrow

Hullhouse Rothschild

Bushmills Samson

Langside Thunderbird

Sportsmans Terrific

Strathbogie Umpire

Garngour Vodka

Contact J Mellin on 01729 850220


Glenside King II

Genotype ARR/ARR
Purchased jointly for 25,000gns Lanark 2004
Owner Brian MacTaggart 01556 600292 (also owned by

Cambwell Durie LTC97 65
Genotype R2 £30/dose Owner: B McTaggart (01556 600292)
Breeder of champions. Gimmers sold to £4,600. Shearling rams sold to £2,600.

Hullhouse Hanky Panky MJH01 237

Genotype ARR/ARR Purchased privately, a tup with outstanding character and conformation.

Also available:

Loosebeare Superscot, Fachell Pistol Pete, Hullhouse Special Brew MJH11 1250

Owner: B MacTaggart (01556 600292)


Strathbogie Python

Contact J Forsyth 01655882233


Mellorvale The One

Contact J Forsyth 01655882233


Cambwell Laird

Sire: Cambwell Class Act is by Clinerty Jedi and out of LTC 96 129 by Tinwald A-One

Dam:LTC02 086 By Crailloch Galexy, out of LTC98 130 by Cambwell Dalgleish

Muscle depth of 38.8mm, weight 73kg at 150 days and index 303. Retained for breeding. Laird was used extensively in 2005, 2006 and 2007. His first 20 sons sold have averaged £1,065 with a top of 8000gns at Worcester for Cambwell Mountain. He also sired the Gp 2 ram Cambwell Muscleman, who sold for 2800gns at Lanark 2nd sale 2006, many of his sons have been registered. 5 of the Champion pen of ten ewe lambs in the Scottish Club Flock Competition 2006 were sired by Laird. 2007 saw 7 sons making over £1000 but it was a daughter (see picture) LTC06 118 that topped all the sales selling for 16000gns to Messrs Reid at Kelso. Three generations of perfect udders on his sire and dam’s breeding makes him a unique ram. His dam’s twin Cambwell Immortal sold to Sportsmans for 5800gns and bred the much fancied 2nd prize ewe at the GYS 2006. The ram lambs retained for shearlings are showing great promise. Email for progeny photos.

Semen also available from Tinwald A-One and Craighead Crackerjack

Caeranion No. 1, Cambwell President Obama, Crailloch True Blue

Boghouse Untouchable, Allanfauld Limited Edition, Spotsmans Supreme


Contact Robert laird 01899 860245/ 0771 973 8229


Haltcliffe Texels

Douganhill Jeronimo

Genotype ARR/ARR

Record priced lamb at Carlisle 2003

Son, Haltcliffe Knight sold for 26k gns

5 Sons averaged £8421, lanark 2004

Semen also available from Topside Supreme

To Purchase Semen Please Contact: Craig Ridley 01697 478619


Haddo Knoxie KWJ04 424 ARR/ARR

Purchased jointly Lanark 2004 30,000gns

First son at Lanark 2005: 7500gns, 5,000gns, 4,200gns, 3,200gns

Gimmers selling to 7,500gns

Contact Janet & Steve Symes 01257 241639 or Danny Creer 01624 852889



Knock Impulse (HAK 02 109)E

Genotype ARR/ARR

Sire: Milnbank Hitman Dam HAK99 031 by Glenside Eurostar
Purchased jointly for 12000gns
His record speaks for itself including:
Tophill Joe-122,000gns, Tophill Jewel-20,000gns, Anglesark Krug-12,000gns
Leading prices in NI 2007 from Impulse daughters 28,000gns, 16,000gns
Price per dose: £50



Ettrick Mighty Mouse ARR/ARR

By Ettrick Jackpot
Purchased jointly 13000gns
1st Prize Ram Lamb and Reserve Champion RHAS
Price £40 per dose

Also available: Milnbank Spunky LYM11 383, Glenside Vavroom, Tamnamoney Rob Roy

Knock Trident

To purchase semen please contact:
J.D Houghton - 01204 882 676

Baltier Texels

Craighead Hercules CMC01 036

A top breeding sire. His reputation speaks for itself.

Baltier Panther

11,000gns 1/2 share Lanark 2009

(also available from C.Boden)



Enquiries to R.Forsyth, Baltier - 01988 600241



MV Accredited and Scapie Monitored


Allanfauld Rockafella, Stainton Vigilante


Mr JS Lodge, Moseley Grange, Moss Road, Moss, Doncaster, DN6 0HN
Tel: 01405 785238 / Mob: 07824643259 / email: luke



Also from Thomas & James Whiteford : Procters Rambo

Purchased 2011 for 5000gns. Sire: Clydesdale Oscar CFN08005

Dam:Procters PFD08397

Price on application

Thomas - 07833712352

James - 07760290758


  Complete Semen List (alphabetical)
  Allanfauld Rockafella Nesbitt D/Richardson S/Lodge D

Allanfauld Limited Edition

Laird R
  Alan Halbert J&J
  Alwent Ultimate Nesbitt D
  Annan Born Free D&C Fawcett Ltd
  Annan Braveheart D&C Fawcett Ltd
  Annan Goldsmith Kieghley M
  Annan Incie D&C Fawcett Ltd
  Annan Jimmy Miller (Woodhousehill)
  Annan Nugget Brown A
  Annan Jewel D&C Fawcett Ltd
  Arkle Jazz Man Beaty R
  Arkle King Williams E
  Arkle Postman Barton J
  Arkle San Diego Prince M
Baltier Panther Boden C
  Baltier The King Ladds A
  Boghouse Untouchable Laird R
  Brague Jethro Millar (Old Walls)
  Brookhill Rambo Brown A
  Brutus Halbert J&J
  Burnholme Troy Currie H
  Bushmills Samson Mellin J
  Caerinion No 1 Laird R
  Cairness Cracker Douglas J
Cairness Ranger Douglas J/Sinnet J
Cambwell Durie Mactaggart B
Cambwell Earl Taylor G
Castlecairn Formula 1 Brown A
Cambwell Laird Laird R
Cambwell Osprey Hardy-Bishop M
Cambwell President Obama Laird R
Cambwell Rob Roy Wilkinson GH
Cambwell Stewart Pyman G
Castlecairn Hadrian D&C Fawcett Ltd
Castlecairn Nemesis Richardson S
  Castlecairn Red Arrow Mellin J
  Castlecairn Union Lido Douglas J
  Castleknowe Matchmaker Mellin J/Symes
  CJN09 6459 Teasdale J
  Claybury Kruger Lee AC/Douglas J
  Clearcot First Foot Brown A
  Clinterty USA Nesbitt D
  Clola Marksman Douglas J/Brown A
  Clougher President Boden C
  Clynnog Joe Tex Barton J
  Coldstream Newsreel Griffies F
Corriecavie Unleashed Johnson P
Cowal Maverick D&C Fawcett Ltd
Cowal Rob Roy Boden C
Cowal Vital Spark Campbell KA&R
  Craighead Hercules Forsyth R
  Craighead Masterpiece D&C Fawcett Ltd
  Crailloch Smirnoff Whiteford T
  Crailloch True Blue Laird R
  Crewburn Lorenzo Lee AC
  Curly Orlando Wilkinson GH
  Culzean Kickstart Brown A
  Devronvale Perfection Douglas J
  Donaghdee Extra Gold Mellin J
  Douganhill Jeronimo Ridley C
  Durisdeer Instructor Lee AC
  Ettrick Mighty Mouse Houghton D
  Ettrick Rainbow Warrior Nesbitt D/Wilkinson S
  Fachel Ossie Brown A
  Fachel Runner Brown A
  Fachel Pistol Pete Mactaggart B
  Garngour Nickel Barton J
  Garngour Nobleman Lee AC
  Garngour Vodka Mellin J
  Gibb farm Tri-Star Fitton R
  Glenside King II Mactaggart/Hastings/Osborne
  Glenside Vavroom Houghton/Fitton
  Goldies Supreme Nesbitt/Wilkinson S
  Greenwood Invincible Pyman G
  Grey Peel Jaguar Watson A
  Grey Peel Learjet Hardy-Bishop M
  Grey Peel Rambo Hardy-Bishop M
  Grougfoot Investment Steff A
  Haddo Escort Brown A
  Haddo Inquirer Ballaglonney Ltd
  Haddo Knoxie Symes/Ballaglonney Ltd
  Haddo Vanguard Pyman G
  Haltcliffe Matthew Pyman G
  Handbank Madoc Messrs Johnson
  Hillhead Prince Regent Brown A
  Hilltop Predator Robinson J
  Hullhouse Hanky Panky Mactaggart B
  Hullhouse Lord John Steff A
  Hullhouse Rothschild Mellin J
  Hullhouse Spartacus Steff A
  Hullhouse Tetley Watson P
  Hullhouse Tiberius Watson P
  Humeston Pride of Kings Riby C
  Kiltarrif Stig Wilkinson GH
  Knap Vicious Sid Boden C
  Knock Impulse Symes/Houghton
  Knock Papoose Nesbitt D
  Knock Playboy Holden W
  Knock Stonker Hardy-Bishop M
  Knock Trip Advisor Steff A
  Knock Trident Houghton D
Langside Thunderbird
Mellin J
  Llanferis Ifor D&C Fawcett Ltd
  Loosebeare Imp Douglas J
  Loosebeare Superscot Mactaggart B
  Loxley Cracker North J
  Mattadale Lionheart Nesbitt D
  Mellorvale The One Beaton A/Forsyth J
  Micklehurst Regal Steff A
  Midlock Lionheart Buckle K
  Millars Outsmart Lee AC
  Milnbank Special One Boden C
  Milnbank Spunky Houghton D
  Milnbank Times Square Boden C
  Mitchelhill Sundance Johnson P
  Mitchelhill Treble Chance Johnson P
  Muiresk Forever D&C Fawcett Ltd
  Muiresk Hiroshima D&C Fawcett Ltd
  Oberstown Viking Warrior Howard J
  Pheasantry Mink Brown A
  Procters No 1 Steff A
  Procters Rambo Whiteford T
  Quercus You The Boy Howard J
  Quercus Osprey Howard J
  Royal Kaiser Wilkinson GH
  Rowanhill Ormiston Steff A, Wood J
  Sportsmans Output Baker GC
  Sportsmans Sandpiper Brown A
  Sportsmans Supreme Laird R
  Sportsmans Terrific Mellin J
  Sportsmans Unique Peterkin J
  Springhill Norris Mellin J, Steff A
  Springwell Jaguar Mellin J
  SSX06 99 Glaves A
  Stainton Instructor D&C Fawcett Ltd
  Stainton Venom Lockhart B
  Stainton Vigilante Robinson J, Lodge D
  Stonebridge Fully Blown Richardson S
  Stonefieldhill Emperor Brown A
  Stonefieldhill Extra Special Brown A
  Stonefieldhill Innovator Brown A
  Stonefieldhill Incredible Brown A
  Stonefieldhill Treble Chance Brown A
  Strathbogie Priceless Currie H
  Strathbogie Python Forsyth J
  Strathbogie Strongbow Fox M, Williams E
  Strathbogie U2 Boden C
  Stathbogie Umpire Mellin J
  Summerwood Regent Prince M
  Tamnamoney Rob Roy Houghton D
  Teiglum Optimum Steff A
  Teiglum Outlaw Watson P, Harrison R
  Teiglum Spitfire Longdin P
  Teiglum Tennessee Nesbitt D
  Teviot Rambo Watson M
  Thacka Rio Tinto Pyman G
  Thacka Toms Choice Pyman G
  Timae Look At Me Lee AC, Douglas J
  Tophill Joe Lee AC
  Topside Supreme Ridley C
  Tullylagan Tonka Boden C
  Wartle Goliath D&C Fawcett Ltd
  Watchknowe Excalibur Steff A
  Watchknowe Jimmy's Perfection Steff A
  Watchknowe Lanark Kracker Douglas J
  Westamoy Rhythm Pyman G
  Wollascott Winning Shot Ballagloney Ltd
  Woodmarsh Drumbeat Barton J
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