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Inserting Sponges & Cidrs

Best Practice:


1. Prepare properly. You will need Laytex/Nitrile gloves, bucket of water with mild disinfectant (Hibiscub), Colleague to hold animal still.


2. Insert finger into vagina to assess whether the passage is normal.


3. Clean applicator and insert clean sponge or cidr into end, ie load the applicator with the device.


4. Place applicator at opening of vagina. Rotate sponge applicator so bevel is orientated vertically. At this point some prefer to use lubricant, I find the lubrication of the disinfectant/water is enough. Gently wiggle the tip through the vagina with a slight angle upwards initially then level out. In the case of the sponge applicator the pressure will seem to ease as you push it through the vestibule into the main cavity of the vagina. Note the cervix is tight and closed and at the far end of the vagina, the sponge does not need to be right up next to it.


5. Release the sponge by pulling the outer part of the applicator towards you while holding the central part in position. In the case of cidrs just pull the trigger of the applicator.


6. Withdraw everything and make sure string is visible and hanging down.






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