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Breeding Enhancement Products Currently Available

REGULIN, 18mg Melatonin


Place at base of ear 6-8 weeks prior to mating. Very useful for early lambing and controlling season.


Comes in boxes of 50, may be able to split down to 25








Required for REGULIN implants


Price under review



CHRONOGEST CR 20mg - STANDARD SPONGE, widely used and adequate for most applications


Intra-vaginal sponge for synchronising ewes.




PMSG 5000iu





EAZI-BREED Sheep CIDR especially useful in smaller breeds/shearlings


Intra-vaginal device, works like a sponge to synchronise ewes lambs/shearlings and goats.

Contains 0.3g Progesterone





SYNCRO-PART 30mg/45mg HIGH PROGESTERONE SPONGE (Available for certain situations under SIC)


Intra-vaginal sponge for synchronising.


Price under review. Comes in packs of 25. *SIC will be required.






Post and packing may be applicable. Generally £3-5 for smaller items, £7-15 for larger items within UK.


Send your order along with invoicing details to


Please note a prescription may be required from your vet

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