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Cervical AI

Cervical AI in sheep is the process of depositing semen at the opening of the cervix.


We run a course which will train you how to collecting semen from rams and learn the process of cervical AI.


The course takes place the first Thursday in July every year. This year , 2024, the course will take place on the 4th July.


Below is a file download of the course outline.


Price for a days course is £300+VAT

Price for a days course + Cervical AI Starter Kit £POA


Cervical AI Course2019.doc
Microsoft Word document [201.5 KB]

Cervical AI Kit

As with all things there is an array of kit that can be used for cervical AI.


We have put together a basic kit which is the MINIMUM you need.


AV Liner, Neoprene
AV, Bull size, cut down to required size for sheep.
Sperm Glass for use with AV
Cervical AI Pipette, comes with 1ml syringe
1ml syringe attached to cervical ai pipette
Sheep vaginal speculum
Cervical AI Kit with standard AV
Cervical AI Kit with Bull AV (cut to size)
Cervical AI Kit with standard AV + speculum
Cervical AI Kit with bull AV + speculum
Disposables for AI Kit




AV Cover made from Vet Bed (insulated)

Microscope Slides (box of 50)

Plastic Test Tubes (bag of 25)

1ml plastic pasteur pipettes (bag of 20)


Head Torch (good quality focusing led)






KIT will NOT include water bath, microscope. Advice on purchase provided on course.





We are now able to freeze semen for use in cervical AI. We can freeze semen more suitable to cervical AI in 0.5ml straws suitable for use with an IMV Sheep AI gun


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